Bakrie & Brothers Slide 2 Bakrie & Brothers Q2 2020 result Financial performance from April to June 2020. READ MORE 01 LATEST ANNUAL REPORT Bakrie & Brothers Slide 4 Electric Vehicle Through PT Transportasi Jakarta, the DKI government plans to launch an electric bus fleet that will be used as one of the city’s transportation modes, complementing the fleet that is currently operating. READ MORE 02 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Bakrie Group The 80-year-old ‘start-up’, with new generation leaders and ESG approach, aspired to making the world a better place. READ MORE 03 BAKRIE BROTHERS GROUP

Our Company

Bakrie & Brothers is one of Indonesia’s foremost corporations with a scope of business interests focusing on the manufacturing and infrastructure sector.

Business Line and Ongoing Project


Profit Back After the Pandemic, BNBR ‘Pivoting’ Towards Sustainable Business and Targets VKTR IPO
VKTR and Tambang Nikel Sulteng (TNS) Cooperation in Supplying Nickel Ore
VKTR and Jasa Sarana Prepare Electric Buses for Greater Bandung
BNBR Business Unit Builds Research and Development Center for Electric Vehicle Batteries
PENS & VKTR Collaborate to Develop Components and Mechatronics of Electric Vehicles
BNBR Soon ‘Upgrade’ to Sustainable Business

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