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The Government Is Increasingly Focused On Developing Electric Vehicles

The Government Is Increasingly Focused On Developing Electric Vehicles

The coming of the electric vehicles era was responded well by the government and the automotive industry players in the country. In Jakarta, today the Trans Jakarta Electric Bus Trial is held, which is centered on the DKI City Hall yard. The event was opened by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, and was attended by TransJakarta bus operators and other related parties. Met on the sidelines of the trial event, President Director of PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk, Bobby Gafur Umar had a chance to talk with reporters about the potential development of this industry in Indonesia.

“At present our fuel consumption is around 1.6 million barrels per day, while the current national oil production capability is only around 760 thousand barrels per day and the rest is met from imports. Of course, this is a significant burden on the country because of the huge burden of subsidies for oil and gas imports. Therefore, what the DKI Jakarta provincial government is doing today by starting to use electric vehicles as a means of public transportation, will clearly reduce the burden and in the long run it will have a positive impact on the country, “Bobby explained.

Through PT Transportasi Jakarta, the DKI government indeed plans to launch an electric bus fleet that will be used as one of the city’s transportation modes, complementing the fleet that is currently operating. “We are one of the partners of Trans Jakarta in developing this new fleet,” Bobby added.

PT Bakrie Autoparts, a subsidiary of PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk, has indeed formed a partnership with BYD Auto, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer from China. PT Bakrie Autoparts plans to gradually develop the electric bus industry, which will begin with the importation of whole units (CBU) from BYD, then gradually deepen the structure of this industry in the country for the next few years.

“For this initial stage, we do have to import, but we believe that the development process will be relatively fast. In the next three years, our local content is expected to reach 55%. Our step is in line with the vision of the Government, where the ability of the automotive supporting industry in the country must gradually be improved. We absolutely need government support. Therefore, we hope that the Presidential Regulation for this electric vehicle can be published soon. With clear rules, all business people in this field will surely spur investment in the development of their industry, “Bobby said.

Bobby then emphasized that the development of related supporting industries, such as the domestic electric vehicle component and parts industry, would develop in line with the existing TKDN improvement program, so that dependence on imports could be significantly reduced. “We have to spur investment to increase this TKDN. The potential increase in the local component of electric vehicles will be huge, “he said.

Not only Trans Jakarta, PT Blue Bird as the largest taxi operator in Jakarta has also introduced its electric taxi fleet some time ago. “We are sure, electric vehicles will soon be widely used in Indonesia in the near future. The government can save a lot from reducing fuel subsidies, and in the end the wider community will get the greatest benefit, “continued Bobby.

Dino A. Ryandi, President Director of PT Bakrie Autoparts said that he is committed and ready to follow all the procedures and rules that apply to become a strategic partner of PT Transportation Jakarta. “We started entering the electric bus business in 2018, and currently have prepared steps to transfer technology and develop the electric bus industry locally,” Dino said. PT Bakrie Autoparts itself has existed as a company engaged in the automotive component industry. PT Bakrie Autoparts has become a supplier of a number of important components for vehicle products that are assembled by several local Brand Holder Agents.


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