Caring For The Country

Through the implementation of community and environmental empowerment which is carried out in a planned, structured and sustainable manner, the Company expects that the presence of BNBR and its Subsidiaries will benefit all stakeholders, including the shareholders, as the company’s main stakeholders.

BNBR is fully aware that sustainable business organization involves a commitment to development oriented toward enhancing added value in line with the Company’s Philosophy and Basic Values, moral and ethical principles inscribed in the Business Conduct Guidelines as well as prevailing laws and regulations.

Based on a spirit and a commitment to ensuring sustainability for all related stakeholders, the Company continues to drive the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in all Subsidiaries. Through the implementation of planned, structured and sustainable activities, the Company expects that the presence of BNBR and its Subsidiaries will benefit all stakeholders, including the shareholders, as the company’s majority stakeholders.

Responsibility Toward Health & Safety

One of BNBR’s main responsibilities is implemented through Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) programs based on the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Management Program.

BNBR’s OHS policies are referred to the Company Health and Safety Policy, which was issued on 25 January 2013, and forms a guide to the creation of a safe and healthy workplace, as well as ensuring that no Company activities have a negative effect on the environment.

The implementation of this policy aims to allow the Company to reach ideal OHS indicators, as follows:

  • Identification and evaluation of OHS aspects and threats, as well as control of risk and its effects.
  • Commitment to obeying laws, regulations and other legal aspects.
  • Prevention of workplace accidents, injuries, illnesses and pollution.
  • Reduction of waste and the consumption of energy.
  • Recording and socialization of OHS performance.
  • Ensuring control of unsafe conditions and behavior.
  • Continued improvement of OHS implementation.

Due to the Company’s commitment and sincerity in increasing OHS, in the coming years after the issuance of the OHS policies the Company managed to reach the top level in accident, lost-time and first aid statistics.

Company CSR Vision
and Mission

The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility at BNBR and its subsidiaries is guided by the “Bakrie Untuk Negeri” philosophy and core values outlined in “Trimatra Bakrie”, all stipulated in the Bakrie Charter. In order to ensure that this philosophy and these core values are observed and socialized to all Bakrie Group employees,especially Bakrie and Brothers and its subsidiaries, the Management Board for Bakrie Untuk Negeri (BP BUN) was established. The Company sustains this body as a manifestation of its corporate social responsibility.


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