Our Dedication to Community and Social Development

Our Dedication to Community and Social Development

Working together with communities

BNBR, with all the stakeholders, continues to work together to provide maximum, precise and measurable benefits according to the needs of communities around us. Our commitment to communities is carried out based on our uphold values and foundation. It is consistent with the Company’s Philosophy, Bakrie Untuk Negeri. Focusing on the four pillars of Health, Education, Environment, and Entrepreneurship. 

With the main goal of  improving the life quality of communities around us, we translate our commitments into action with these following programs;

Sehat untuk Negeri

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right of everyone without distinction of economic and social condition. We believe that sustainable healthcare development will result in an increase in productivity that will have an impact on progress and welfare.Through Sehat untuk Negeri, BNBR carry out various activities such as blood donation, mass circumcision, clean water supply, and most importantly regular health services in the surrounding communities where we operated. 

Cerdas untuk Negeri

Education opens doors for opportunities. We are aware that education is key to the nation’s future growth. In our effort to help create an educated future generation, BNBR launched Cerdas untuk Negeri where we offer various programs that bring opportunities for the community to get an education. 

In recent years, we have provided scholarships for students, built education facilities, such as libraries, study houses and training centres. In addition, BNBR, BMU, and BA have internship programs for university and highschool equivalent students to equip students with hands-on industry experiences. With this program, we are enabling the future generations to reimagine their future, giving them a chance to make a difference now and in the future. 

Peduli untuk Negeri

BNBR supports the implementation of various social and religious activities in the community. These include routine participation in various activities such as the construction of houses of worship, supporting the implementation of religious holidays and the provision of administrative facilities and infrastructure for communities around the BNBR operational area. Additionally, BNBR is proactively involved in providing assistance and aids in the field of natural disasters in Indonesia. 

Kemitraan untuk Negeri

BNBR runs the “Kemitraan untuk Negeri program by offering opportunities for local entrepreneurs surrounding the company’s operational areas to develop their potential partnerships with our company in the form of work opportunities and business cooperation. 

Through this program, we invited local residents to work together in environmental sanitation management and provided capital funds provision to boost potential local products development.  


Bakrie & Brothers history bg

The Company’s journey began with the story of a growing small trading business, and in more than 75 years has engaged in investment/divestment business, has reached various achievements and delivered the Company to become one of the leading corporations in Indonesia.