Vision and Mission

Philosophy & Company Values

The late H. Achmad Bakrie established his business with noble goals to contribute in building the nation. This is aligned with his philosophy which believes that “every profit generated by Bakrie should bring benefit for many people”, this principle is continuously passed to and adopted by successor generations of H. Achmad Bakrie.

The philosophy of bringing benefit for many people was pointed in three key words: “Bakrie”, “Benefit” and “People”, and was transformed into the theme of “Bakrie Untuk Negeri” which later became the core philosophy of the Bakrie Group, and is embodied in Gerakan Bakrie Untuk Negeri.

Bakrie Untuk Negeri is a spirit or faith of all employees, including PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk to always provide the best, to achieve excellent performance, according to the noble goals of the Company to become part of the Nations components in promoting a prosperous society.

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To become a leading Investment Company and
a proxy of the Indonesian economy.


To maximise shareholder value through profitable investment activities and enhancement of core portfolio's value.

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