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Bakrie Untuk Negeri

Bakrie Untuk Negeri is a Bakrie Group social movement pioneered by Anindya Novyan Bakrie in 2006. Bakrie Untuk Negeri is an umbrella for the Bakrie Group social activities which are committed in making a real change and contribute to the development of humanity, the environment and the welfare of the Indonesian people. This philosophy derived from the founder of Bakrie Group, H. Achmad Bakrie.

The Bakrie Untuk Negeri program focuses on empowering the community, caring for the environment and the economic welfare of the community.

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Bakrie Center Foundation

An integral part of Bakrie Untuk Negeri campaign, Bakrie Center Foundation was founded in 2010 by Anindya Novyan Bakrie based on the edifice of higher education.

The primary objective is to provide Indonesia’s best and brightest with a chance to study for a higher education at some of the best universities at home and abroad. Since its establishment, more than 1000 students have been awarded grants and financial aid. Today, Bakrie Center Foundation has 1600 active alumni that are actively involved in building the nation.

Bakrie Amanah

Bakrie Amanah is a social charity foundation and crowdfunding platform for zakat and infaq of Bakrie Group. The organization has several programs that support minorities, women, children, education services, and healthcare services.

To this date, Bakrie Amanah has collected more than Rp 40,000,000,000 from donors, and has helped change the lives of 400,000 people across Indonesia for the better.

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Achmad Bakrie Foundation

The Achmad Bakrie Foundation was founded based on the thoughts and ideals of H. Achmad Bakrie which aims to help improve the scientific and technological capacity of the Indonesian people. Achmad Bakrie Foundation was founded on June 19, 1981.

Since 2003, Achmad Bakrie Foundation has collaborated with the Freedom Institute to host the annual Achmad Bakrie Award which awarded individuals with outstanding achievement and dedication to the field of social, literature, medicine, science, and technology.