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Care for Disasters, BPI Collaborates with the Bekasi City Fire Service

Care for Disasters, BPI Collaborates with the Bekasi City Fire Service

Source: | 02 Feb 2017

In increasing employee knowledge, especially the Emergency Response Team of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries (BPI) regarding the prevention and handling of fire hazards, the Health Safety Environment (HSE) department and HRD collaborated with the Bekasi City Fire Service on Wednesday (25/1 / 2017) held a Fire Hazard Management Training which was held at the BPI Training Center Room.

The training, which was attended by 35 participants, is expected to increase knowledge on measures for prevention, mitigation and overcoming fire hazards and increase the preparedness of the emergency response team and other employees in dealing with emergency conditions.

The high risk of fire that can arise in the BPI factory area, such as infrastructure, facilities and activities within the company, is the main reason for the need to measure the preparedness of the emergency response team so that fire prevention measures can be carried out quickly, precisely and safely. Fire is an event that is unwanted by everyone and can result in a very large loss, both material loss and non-material loss. The halt in the production process, the loss of company assets and the emergence of casualties are the consequences of fires that we really don’t want.

On his occasion when delivering training materials, the instructor from the Bekasi City Fire Service, Mr. Nasrudin, said that a work area must not only be equipped with facilities for fire extinguishers such as APARs, hydrants, etc., must also be supported by the quality of proven human resources. “It would be useless to have fire fighting equipment or facilities if we don’t know how to use it or operate it. In the training practice, the instructor provides techniques or methods of fire fighting in a conventional way using gunny sacks, using APAR and hydrant ”.

All participants who attended were quite enthusiastic about this training, and it is hoped that with the knowledge of fire prevention and control measures, the entire BPI fire emergency response team can carry out their duties when needed in an emergency.


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