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VKTR Receives Credit Facility of IDR 250 Billion from BCA

VKTR Receives Credit Facility of IDR 250 Billion from BCA

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk. (“VKTR” or the “Company”) announced that it has obtained credit facility support worth IDR 250 billion from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA), which aims to increase the Company’s working capital capacity. The signing of this credit facility agreement involved the President Director & CEO of VKTR, Gilarsi W. Setijono, Executive VP Group Corporate Banking BCA, Raymond Tanuwibowo, and VP Corporate Branch BCA, Liliani Kurniawan, in Jakarta on Monday, August 14 2023.

“This collaboration is an extraordinary start between two entities that have a similar vision, namely realizing transportation electrification efforts in Indonesia. This is a concrete manifestation of BCA’s commitment, as one of the largest private banks in Indonesia, in contributing to Indonesia’s achievement of Net Zero Emissions in 2060,” said Gilarsi.

Gilarsi explained that more and more business institutions are interested in switching to the use of electric vehicles (EV) for various commercial purposes and employee transportation. The funds obtained from BCA will help VKTR increase its working capital, enabling the Company to meet this demand. Currently, VKTR has started assembling commercial electric vehicles in Magelang, but capacity is still limited. With additional working capital support from BCA, VKTR plans to expand its assembly and sales capacity.

This credit facility consists of two types, namely local credit facilities with a maximum limit of IDR 15 billion, and Multi Facility Credit (KMF) facilities with a maximum limit of IDR 235 billion. Both have a one year term.


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