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VKTR Introduces EV Mining Truck

VKTR Introduces EV Mining Truck

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk, the pioneer of EV Heavy Mobility in Indonesia, is proud to announce its participation in this year’s Indonesia Mining Exhibition by bringing the Company’s new breakthrough. This prestigious event is the perfect platform for PT VKTR to introduce the high quality EV Mining Truck produced through strategic collaboration with Yutong, a global leader in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

The Indonesia Mining Exhibition, which is held every year, is one of the leading events in Indonesia that presents the latest innovations and latest technology in the mining sector. VKTR is proud to showcase the Company’s flagship EV Mining Truck, in collaboration with Yutong, in an effort to make a positive contribution by bringing environmentally friendly mobility solutions to the mining industry in Indonesia.

Gilarsi W. Setijono, CEO of PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk, said, “VKTR continues to be consistent in realizing our commitment to lead the EV Heavy Mobility market in Indonesia. After successfully being a pioneer for EV Buses, now VKTR is starting to lead in the EV Mining Truck category.”

“We are very proud to be able to participate in the Indonesia Mining Exhibition this year and introduce a high quality EV Mining Truck for Indonesia. “Our collaboration with Yutong proves our commitment to advancing the mobility technology industry in Indonesia and providing innovative environmentally friendly solutions to our customers in the mining sector by providing the best quality in this category,” he added.

The EV Mining Truck that will be exhibited by VKTR-Yutong is the latest answer to the need for efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable transportation in the mining sector. With the support of advanced technology from Yutong, this vehicle has a number of advantages, namely:

1. High safety and high efficiency battery: battery quality is 10 times higher than other industries.

2. Self-developed integrated dual control system: all-in-one controller, maximum efficiency ≥99% (industry average 97%);

3. High efficiency electric drive: Yutong independently developed integrated coaxial dual drive motor, motor efficiency can reach >97%;

4. High-efficiency energy recovery technology: charging mode, double guns can reach 600A, 50% higher than the national standard (400A); the vehicle is compatible with swappable mode, and the battery can be swapped efficiently in 7 minutes; there are a variety of optional high-efficiency energy charging methods, adapting to various transportation needs in different mining areas;

5. Netlink Cloud Platform: Battery power protection, 26 types of warnings, warning accuracy ≥ 95%;

6. The three new energy systems work stably, and the comprehensive attendance rate reaches >95%;

7. High efficiency energy recovery, successfully reaching one kWh per day under certain mining road conditions;

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk sees a bright future for EV Trucks in Indonesia, moreover and we hope to contribute to encouraging sustainability and efficiency in the mining sector through this innovative solution.

The Indonesia Mining Exhibition is the largest international mining equipment exhibition in Asia and provides a professional platform for the Indonesian mining industry to do business. It will be held on 13-16 September 2023 at JIEXPO Kemayoran.

About PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk:

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk. (VKTR – pronounced “Vector”) is a company that focuses on developing the heavy mobility segment electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. VKTR is committed to continuing to accelerate the adaptation of electric vehicles in Indonesia, by manufacturing and partnering with the best electric vehicle partners in their category.


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