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Bakrie Group response to Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19)
In 2019, BNBR Earned More Than IDR 800 Billion In Profit
Net Income Increases 128.62 Percent, EBITDA Triples
Obtained Revenue Rp.2,4 Trillion, Profit Rp.349 Billion
Revenue Increases, BNBR Makes Rp.222 Billion Profit
BNBR Consistently Fixing Financial Position
The Government Is Increasingly Focused On Developing Electric Vehicles
Electric Bus Distributor Welcomes Trans Jakarta Plans, Bakrie Is Ready To Cooperate With Trans Jakarta
Bakrie Teams Up With ITB To Develop Breakwater
Targeting 55% Of Local Content In 2022, BNBR Is Seriously Working On The Electric Bus Business


Bakrie & Brothers history bg

The Company’s journey began with the story of a growing small trading business, and in more than 75 years has engaged in investment/divestment business, has reached various achievements and delivered the Company to become one of the leading corporations in Indonesia.