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INKA and VKTR Collaborate with PT Barata Indonesia, Develop Electric Vehicle Components
VKTR Supports Transjakarta and Jasa Sarana for Designing Future Urban Mobility
INKA Collaborates with VKTR, Builds Indonesia’s Electric Vehicle Industry Ecosystem
VKTR Prepares Medium Size Electric Bus to Serve Greater Bandung
Transjakarta Collaborates with VKTR to Turn Diesel Buses into Electric Buses
Profit Back After the Pandemic, BNBR ‘Pivoting’ Towards Sustainable Business and Targets VKTR IPO
VKTR and Tambang Nikel Sulteng (TNS) Cooperation in Supplying Nickel Ore
VKTR and Jasa Sarana Prepare Electric Buses for Greater Bandung
BNBR Business Unit Builds Research and Development Center for Electric Vehicle Batteries
PENS & VKTR Collaborate to Develop Components and Mechatronics of Electric Vehicles


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The Company’s journey began with the story of a growing small trading business, and in more than 75 years has engaged in investment/divestment business, has reached various achievements and delivered the Company to become one of the leading corporations in Indonesia.