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Collaborating with Tri Sakti, VKTR expands E-Bus Factory and E-Trucks in Magelang

Collaborating with Tri Sakti, VKTR expands E-Bus Factory and E-Trucks in Magelang

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk. (“VKTR”) or (“the Company”) continues to expand its business, now through the development of electric bus and truck assembly plant facilities. This important step was marked by the start of expansion of production facilities in Magelang, which is a joint venture between VKTR and PT Tri Sakti, through the joint venture company PT VKTR Sakti Industries. At this development stage, PT VKTR Sakti Industries also collaborated with a well-known construction company from China, Automotive Engineering Corporation (AE Corp).

Located in Magelang, Central Java, this factory has a building area of ​​1.8 hectares and occupies 4.05 hectares of land, with a production capacity of 1,500 units per year or 6 units per day in the initial stage. This facility will have the capability for chassis assembly (CKD), cabin assembly, welding, painting, general assembly, trimming, debugging, retrofit for body & function test, rear truck body, final audit, and testing.

“This expansion and development of production facilities is proof of our sincerity in supporting the government’s program to achieve Net Zero Emissions 2060,” said VKTR Main Director, Gilarsi W. Setijono. “We are committed to gradually increasing the domestic content level (TKDN) to 80% .”

Gilarsi added that the existing facilities are currently ready for production and are even in the process of completing the first batch of BYD electric buses with local bodies. The expansion carried out aims to increase capacity capabilities. “We also open the possibility of continuing to add capacity and expand scale and facilities, in line with increasing production volumes,” he said.

Widodo, Founder of Tri Sakti, expressed his pride in this collaboration. “We are grateful to be able to contribute significantly to this extraordinary project,” said Widodo. “This is a big leap for us, as well as our contribution to Indonesia. As the first electric vehicle factory in the field of heavy mobility and domestic commercial vehicles, we are committed to producing environmentally friendly vehicles and supporting the government’s efforts to achieve the target of increasing the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia.”

PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk. (VKTR) is a company that focuses on developing the heavy mobility segment electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. In collaboration with the world’s largest electric vehicle company BYD Auto, currently VKTR is starting to expand its factory development through a partnership with Tri Sakti to produce electric buses and electric trucks in Indonesia.


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