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Bakrie initiated the first Net Zero Industrial Park in Indonesia with Envision

Bakrie initiated the first Net Zero Industrial Park in Indonesia with Envision

PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (“BNBR”) and Envision Group (“Envision”) have signed a Head of Agreement (HoA) today, Sunday (13/11), to continue the plans of the two companies to build cooperation in the environmentally friendly industry. The signing was carried out by the President Director & CEO of BNBR, Anindya N. Bakrie and Envision Founder & CEO, Lei Zhang, and was held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia on the sidelines of the G20 Summit series of events.

The two parties intend to explore the prospects for the development of Net Zero industrial technology, and the potential to build the first Net Zero Industrial Park in Indonesia which will be located in the Central Sulawesi region. The event was witnessed directly by the Minister of Investment and Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia and the Governor of Central Sulawesi Indonesia, H. Rusdy Mastura.

Following the signing, Anindya Bakrie stated that the agreement enables the two companies to jointly explore the development of renewable energy projects, including those utilizing wind, solar, green ammonia and green hydrogen, as well as their range of downstream uses; as well as the development of energy storage systems (energy storage system development). “We see the possibility of developing a digital Net Zero solution in Indonesia, by comprehensively utilizing the system created by Envision Digital,” said Anindya Bakrie.

As is known, through its pilot VKTR subsidiary, BNBR is working to build integrated transportation electrification, as well as an EV battery ecosystem in Indonesia. The network will consist of batteries for EV, EV-Bus, EV-Car, EV-Motorcycle, EV-Infrastructure and battery recycling. BNBR also plans to build a complete battery supply chain capacity from upstream to downstream, which will be carried out while still implementing the strict ESG protocol.

“Together with Envision and other partners in the future, we hope to improve the security of supply of nickel units and other raw materials, continue to expand nickel sulfate conversion capacity, produce batteries independently, and eventually be able to also produce pCAM and CAM independently in Indonesia. ”, added Anindya.

Envision Group is recognized in the industry as the world’s leading green technology company and provider of Net Zero technology. The company, with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, consistently promotes wind and solar as the ‘new coal’, batteries and hydrogen fuel as the ‘new petroleum’, and AIoT as the ‘new grid’. Envision also refers to the Net Zero Industrial Park as a ‘new infrastructure’ and the Net Zero technology ecosystem as a ‘new industry’, which will eventually be able to help create a ‘zero emission world’ or ‘Net Zero World’.


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