The population of electric vehicles in Indonesia has now reached 144,547 units

The population of electric vehicles in Indonesia has now reached 144,547 units

Source: | May 30, 2024

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) Febri Hendri Antoni Arif said that currently sales of electric vehicles are increasingly aggressive in the national market.

According to his records, until May 2024 the population of environmentally friendly vehicles has reached 144,547 units. This number consists of two- and three-wheeled motorbikes, passenger vehicles, as well as buses and trucks.

This condition is in line with the development of the electability industry which ultimately boosts the purchasing power of local communities. Especially, for the two-wheeled segment.

“The progress of distribution of assistance to purchase electric motorbikes to date has exceeded the total distribution of assistance in 2023 of 30,083 units,” said Febri, quoted on Thursday (30/5/2024).

“Looking at the sales trend of electric motorbikes in the January-May 2024 period, the Ministry of Industry is targeting the purchase assistance quota of 50,000 two-wheeled KBLBB units to be achieved in August or early September,” he continued.

It’s just that in terms of the two-wheeled automotive industry, out of a total of 54 manufacturers, only 19 brands have now met the 40 percent TKDN requirement to be able to get government subsidies.

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry will continue to encourage the development of the automotive industry so that it continues to accelerate.

“The Ministry of Industry has also carried out outreach with other Ministries and Institutions to socialize the policies, programs and benefits of KLBB,” he said.

This outreach primarily targets all community groups and APM regarding the advantages of using battery-based electric vehicles, energy cost efficiency, contribution to reducing carbon emissions, as well as policies and procedures for the Indonesian automotive industry to obtain purchasing assistance for buyers.

One of the policies conveyed in the socialization was regarding the requirements for fulfilling the 40 percent TKDN standard for all two-wheeled KBLBB that received purchasing assistance.

“Of the 54 automotive industry factories that we have, only 19 industries have been curated through the 40 percent TKDN requirement and can take part in the KBLBB two-wheeled purchase assistance program,” concluded Febri. The Ministry of Industry said that this matter must be discussed within the government first.


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