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Revealed! Peak Emissions in Indonesia will Fall in 2035
The Switch to Electric Vehicles Must Prioritize Public Transport
Starlink will Influence the Dynamics of the Telecommunications Industry in Indonesia
IDX Reviews FCA Method Adjustments, Here’s the Reason
PLN Designs New RUPTL, EBT Portion Reaches 75%
Ministry of Transportation will Provide Electric Buses as Transportation at IKN
The Urgency of Preparing the Legal Basis for the EBT Transition in Indonesia
The population of electric vehicles in Indonesia has now reached 144,547 units
Renewable Energy Contributes Record 30% of Global Electricity in 2023
Peek at the Performance of the Property Sector Amid Global Economic Turmoil


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The Company’s journey began with the story of a growing small trading business, and in more than 75 years has engaged in investment/divestment business, has reached various achievements and delivered the Company to become one of the leading corporations in Indonesia.