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VKTR and Gapura Angkasa Launch Environmentally Friendly Electric Buses ahead of Eid

VKTR and Gapura Angkasa Launch Environmentally Friendly Electric Buses ahead of Eid

The adoption of electric buses by PT Gapura Angkasa is good news for the opening of Eid at Soekarno-Hatta Airport – Cengkareng. In a major step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing operational efficiency, PT VKTR Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk (“VKTR”) together with PT Gapura Angkasa today announced the use of Electric Apron Passenger Buses and chargers at Soekarno-Hatta Airport – Cengkareng. This innovative initiative is not just about adopting advanced technology, but also about demonstrating both companies’ strong commitment to sustainable practices and eco-friendly mobility.

PT Gapura Angkasa is a company operating in the field of aviation support services, providing ground handling services, cargo handling and other aviation related services to airlines operating in Indonesia.

VKTR, as a pioneer in the electrification of commercial vehicles in Indonesia, has been chosen by Gapura Angkasa, a leading provider of ground handling services, to introduce transportation solutions that are efficient and have minimal environmental impact. This collaboration marks an important milestone in Indonesia in the use of electric vehicles for airport operations, supporting the national ambition to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2060.

Through this agreement, PT Gapura Angkasa appointed VKTR to provide 1 (one) unit of Electric Apron Passenger Bus and Charger which will be handed over to the operational location at Soekarno-Hatta Airport – Cengkareng.

By providing 60 electric buses by VKTR from June 2022 to April 2024, savings of 1.8 million liters of diesel fuel have been achieved, equivalent to a reduction of more than 5 million kilograms of CO2. This initiative is a concrete step towards a significant reduction in carbon footprint that can be adopted by Soekarno-Hatta Airport and other airports throughout Indonesia as a concrete example of the positive effects of transportation electrification on the environment. Additionally, the increase in environmentally friendly vehicles can also reflect PT Gapura Angkasa’s commitment to sustainable practices in the provision of their ground handling services.

Gilarsi W. Setijono, CEO of VKTR, stated, “We are proud to be part of this positive change. Working together with Gapura Angkasa not only shows confidence in our technology but also our shared vision for a greener and more sustainable transportation future.”

The Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Karya Sumadi, also conveyed the Indonesian government’s commitment to increase the unconditional emission reduction target from 29% to 31.89% and conditionally from 41% to 43.20%. This target has been stated in the Enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution (ENDC) document.

“To achieve the emission reduction target, the Ministry of Transportation has committed to encouraging the development of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB) industry for domestic and even global market needs. “Currently the number of KBLBB based on the Type Test Registration Certificate issued as of January 22 2024 is 122,630 units,” said the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Karya Sumadi, while attending the groundbreaking event for electric vehicle facilities at Karoseri Tri Sakti, Magelang, Central Java, Tuesday ( 2/27).

This agreement confirms the commitment of VKTR and PT Gapura Angkasa to support the transformation towards more environmentally friendly and efficient mobility. In addition, this Agreement also creates a positive image as an airport that cares about the environment and ensures compliance with stricter environmental regulations. Investment in efficient chargers also ensures reliable availability for charging electric vehicles, maintaining smooth airport operations.

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